Monday, May 21, 2007

Dark Celebration by Christine Feehan

On her Web site last December, Christine Feehan said she wanted to give her faithful readers a special Christmas gift. She succeeded brilliantly with Dark Celebration. The basic thread of the story is that lifemated couples have traveled to the Carpathian mountains for a reunion for the Christmas holiday. Prince Mikail, the hero of the first book of the series, Dark Prince, is concerned for the health and safety of his people with so many collected in one place. As he visits each lifemated couple, humorous encounters ensue, but the story isn't a light romp because danger lurks. I look forward to at least two future tales as new couples are added to the familiar favorites Feehan writes about here. Although the end seemed a bit abrupt, it left me wanting more, which is the aim of every author. Dark Celebration is a just that; a celebration of Feehan’s prolific body of work and of her faithful fans.

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